Our team is an outstanding company that is very knowledgeable about garage door opener maintenance & replacement. Garage doors come with many parts that need to work together seamlessly.  If you have a maintenance need, then we are the only company to contact for the best customer service.

Maintenance for Garage Door openers

Our trusted technicians can maintenance your door at an affordable price. Our techs are knowledgeable and well-trained. They have a the goal to assist you with excellent service and to maintenance your overhead garage door as thoroughly as possible.   

Some of the maintenance needs we can handle for you include:

  • Tighten up all hardware- we will tighten up nuts, bolts, and screws for you. Overtime, these parts get loose and begin to not work as well.
  • Visual Inspection – they will take a glance around to check for the amount of wear and tear that they see on each piece of hardware. If a replacement is required, they will let you know. We recommend a prompt replacement so no further damage occurs.
  • Lubrication – our technicians will lubricate the rollers, drums, springs, tracks, and any other necessary parts. Lubricating your door’s many working components helps them to work together better and to last for many years to come.
  • Inspect door’s seal- garaged doors have a seal that helps to insulate your garage. When this seal begins to crack or dry out, then extra air gets in which makes your garage off temperature wise. Bottom line, you don’t want air coming or out at the wrong places.
  • Balance – door tracks can get out of balance sometimes. We will have a technician decide if the door needs balancing. When it is off track, then it has the potential to hurt other parts in your assembly.

Yearly maintenance on your door is important. Our techs are able to handle these checks and others when they come to maintenance your door. In fact, we encourage you to have your door get a maintenance check every 10,000 open and close cycles.

Garage Door opener inspections

Our team is equipped to handle commercial and residential door inspections. In the event that you need an inspection report for a particular authority, we will need to know prior to the inspection. If not, then we are able to provide you with the report.

For every inspection, our techs will look at:

  •    Hardware
  •    Garage door opener
  •    Door panels
  •    How the door functions
  •    Wall push button
  •    Springs
  •    Manual release handle
  •    Safety sensor
  •    Warning labels

Our technicians will determine the condition of your assembly. They will then give you the information about what needs to be adjusted.

Call Us for Maintenance or Inspections

When it comes to garage door parts, accessories or installs, you’ll find our team is the best company to call.  We are available to meet your garage door needs.  Give us a call and set a time for us to visit and assist you with your overhead garage door needs. We are ready to help you and provide an outstanding customer service experience.